Sunday, September 23, 2007


Eagles players and coaches didn't do a great job of expressing it this week, which is a shame.

But this is what they want:

The unconditional support of their fans today. In addition to facing virtual playoff elimination with a third straight loss, it's the 75th anniversary of Eagles football. A lot of franchise greats will be in attendance including Chuck Bednarik and Steve Van Buren.

Listless in the first two games, the Eagles won't have much of a chance if the hometown turns on them today. They need a spark, not a summary execution.

All Eagles fans need is another ugly episode to reinforce all of those blatantly wrong stereotypes they are haters. Unless you've been here awhile you know Eagles fans hate losing more than anything.

These suggestions go for you, too, Concrete Charlie, who have been critical of the organization in the past and aren't afraid to express himself.

Try to set aside your conflicts with the current regime and give the franchise that gave you a chance to be yourself all of the support it needs today.

And do it the way you played the game - for 60 minutes.

Trust me, the Eagles players and coaches would be indebted to all of you.


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