Thursday, September 6, 2007


With the biggest game of his nine-year career just days away, Donovan McNabb criticized the gunslinger instincts that helped Brett Favre win a Super Bowl. McNabb better back it up Sunday in Green Bay because he's left himself open for criticism. I don't get it. Sure, Favre takes chances and obviously chances result in interceptions, which McNabb for some reason figured he had to point out Wednesday. If it's all about winning, as McNabb has so often stated, the risks were worth it. In addition to the world championship ring Favre is two victories from becoming the winningest quarterback in the history of the NFL, Favre has started 257 games. That's something McNabb just doesn't get, and may never get. Favre wasn't healthy in each of those games. Unlike McNabb, who has benefited from organizational stability, Favre basically has been the only stability the Packers have had through the years. A ton of coaches, GM's and players have rolled through Lambeau during his tenure. McNabb picked the wrong time to critique a legend.


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