Friday, August 31, 2007


The backup guy, it looks like. Is it me or is A.J. Feeley being overly optimistic predicting his broken left hand will be no problem at all when it's time to line up for the regular season opener one week from Sunday? Dripping with sarcasm, Feeley said he was right hand oriented and since he threw with his right hand the break wouldn't affect him. He said that after being asked, what about gripping the ball? Will that be a problem? You don't go to a specialist with a broken bone in your hand for precautionary reasons. At any rate, Kolb very well could be the Eagles' backup quarterback on opening day. Even Donovan McNabb would enjoy that considering all of the offseason drama. And one day Kolb will take over the starting job. Looking at the preseason and considering McNabb's injury history, it's inevitable. It was obvious during the ugly 13-11 loss to the New York Jets Thursday night. Kolb is the future, the Eagles' future, at quarterback.


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