Thursday, August 30, 2007


Remember when Sam McNabb said when his son was no longer a Philadelphia Eagle, there were 31 other teams out there he could play for? Seriously now, the Colts wouldn't want Donovan McNabb in anything but a backup role behind Peyton Manning, and the same could be said of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Rest assured the Cincinnati Bengals are happy with Carson Palmer, the San Diego Chargers with Philip Rivers. Sports Illustrated, in its rankings of the top 500 players in the NFL, mirrors that thinking. It ranks McNabb No. 72 overall (Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is 96) and basically ninth among quarterbacks. All of the above quarterbacks are ranked ahead of McNabb plus Drew Brees, Marc Bulger, Matt Hasselbeck and Vince Young. Manning and Brady are 1-2 in the overall rankings. Seriously, even McNabb at just 75 percent is better than Hasselbeck, Bulger and Young. At 85 percent McNabb is a better quarterback than Brees and Rivers. But I'm not so sure about the others. And before the year is over Matt Leinart is going to be the next up-and-coming quarterback, as he will win some games with the Arizona Cardinals. Bottom line: there are are about 22 other teams Sam McNabb's son can play for if he's no longer wanted in Philadelphia. And that's decent for a guy who has missed the bulk of back-to-back seasons due to injury.


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