Saturday, September 1, 2007


The Haters won't believe this but that list of projected cuts released by the Eagles internet people was an honest, if unfortunate mistake resulting from the urge to be first. It was obvious today that the Eagles' internet people were working from their own dummy list because there were 10 inaccuracies - the five guys that were supposed to be cut and the handful that didn't make the team. Rashad Barksdale, Torrance Daniels, Jeremy Clark, C.J. Gaddis and Bill Sampy had to be be confused. On the day the infamous list came out implying they made the team, they were told personally by Eagles football people they would be released. At the same time the Eagles who were on the list of internet cuts but made the team - Nick Graham, Marcus Paschal, Ian Scott, Akeem Jordan and Pat McCoy - had to wonder what exactly was up. The Eagles typically notify the guys that don't make the team, not the other way around. This all could have been avoided with due diligence, rather than being in a rush. At the same time, it was a mistake and we've all made them, particularly angry sports reporters fearful of taking a good look in the mirror - two mirrors, considering the size of some. Live, learn and give it a rest - and try some sit-ups and ab crunches to deal with the anger and poor self image.


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