Monday, September 24, 2007


It was a big win, an unexpectedly big win, the first win of the season and the Eagles locker room was full of players who wanted to talk. Peering out from rose-colored sunglasses that probably cost more than the weekly take-home pay of some of the people asking questions, Pro Bowl guard Shawn Andrews spoke of how people abandoned the Eagles during their 0-2 start. Abandoned. Andrews also said it was 'sad' that people booed McNabb. (Sustained. But ticket buyers have a right to express themselves). Then Andrews said, "We have to play for our fans and everybody but the people that don't believe, we just have to push them away." Looking at reporters he continued with, "we don't go to their jobs knocking the pens out of their hands." Finally it occurred to me; it was the media's fault the Eagles lost their first two games. A little less criticism and they'd be 3-0 and booking hotels in Glendale, Ariz., for Super Bowl XLII. Viva Arizona! Seriously now, if the Eagles pushed away all the people that didn't believe in them each and every week of a horrendous start they wouldn't have a fan base. If the players are so impacted by emotion, wouldn't it be a lot wiser putting more effort into playing better than determining who to push away? Hey, just about anything the coaches and staff can do to motivate players to perform is acceptable. Even the age-old yet ridiculous us-against-them rant. That's Stone Age stuff. You can bet the cavemen and women got a lot of mileage out of it. Instead of pointing the finger, watch some more film, lift some more weights, help a rookie out, tell the position coach what you think. It won't leave you much time to figure out who to push away. If you want people to believe, believe in yourself. And don't wear those expensive sunglasses the next time you want sympathy. They just doesn't work.


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