Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry to cross-blog but ...

It's hard to agree that both the Eagles (2-4) and the Cowboys (6-1) "desperately need" their game Sunday night as Donovan McNabb contends on his yardbarker.com blog.

Including the tiebreaker, the Cowboys are a game up on the traditionally fading Giants in the NFC East. The Giants lost six of their last eight in 2006 after a 6-2 start.

The Eagles are in a must-win situation especially considering the game is at home where they are 1-2 for the first time since '03.

But the energy McNabb spoke of in the locker room after the 23-17 win over the Vikings at the Metrodome was totally real and could carry through what figures to be a VERY, VERY difficult week for the head coach.

Thursday is the scheduled sentencing day for Andy Reid's sons Garrett and Britt. That's not going to be very pleasant for anyone involved, including the media trying to solicit reaction from the coach.

All of that said, it's a pretty good week for veteran Brian Dawkins to get back on the playing field and for McNabb to step up as he never has before.

"I will make sure my guys are ready, prepared, and fired up to get this WIN," he wrote on his blog.

"See you Sunday."

Can we hold you to that?


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