Saturday, October 13, 2007


Whoever decided the Eagles would start their 'new' season after the bye should look up the word. If only that was true. Face it; a 1-3 start basically is fatal. The only team that's overcome it recently is the New England Patriots. Trust me, the Eagles aren't sophisticated or connected enough to get away with cheating. Unless I've totally missed something that might have had something to do with NE's big turnaround. Ironically, the Eagles this weekend oppose the Jets, a team coached by a former Patriots assistant. At 1-4, the Jets are much more the hard-luck team than the Eagles, who earned all of their losses. And, while the Eagles will have the fresher legs this week thanks to the bye, there has to be doubt in their minds. They have to wonder if they really are a good football team or just the NFC East's version of the New Orleans Saints. There's nothing new about this Eagles season, bye or whatnot. One more loss this month - just one - and it will get dangerously old for the head coach and the franchise quarterback.


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