Sunday, September 30, 2007


Professional athletes and coaches often are creative beyond words. You almost have to be there to enjoy the beauty and nothingness of some quotes.

When O.C. Marty Mornhinweg was asked about the blitzing of quarterbacks in preseason game, and whether there was an unwritten rule frowning on it he responded, "There are no unwritten rules anymore."


Then we had Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, asked on a conference call what he's seen in the play of Jevon Kearse this year. "Just what you see," Coughlin said.

Thanks for the insight.

Finally there is safety Brian Dawkins after being reminded the Eagles have a bye next week and are 3-5 in games entering the bye. "The bye doesn't exist. The bye doesn't exist. This is a game we have to win so the bye doesn't exist right now."

Spoken like a true veteran.


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