Thursday, October 4, 2007


Andy Reid may leave "the sidelines sooner than expected" according to a blog that also also asserts quarterback Donovan McNabb is "most likely spending his last year in Philadelphia."

Seriously now, what's sooner than expected? And who expects it? The Eagles don't, that's for sure. Rest assured there is no impending news conference.

As for McNabb most likely spending his last year in Philadelphia, everyone who knows anything about the Eagles knows that's a possibility. That juicy tidbit "broke" when Kevin Kolb was drafted in April.

The aforementioned blog cites "sources" that it's tough not to be skeptical about because if they were credible the piece would be front page worthy, not blog worthy.

Will Reid step down after the season? I think it's a possibility based on several things I've heard.

Might McNabb be playing somewhere else next season? Ditto.

And it should be fairly obvious there is friction in an organization where the franchise quarterback calls the performance of the offense "embarrassing. Truly embarrassing," as McNabb did after the 16-3, 12-sack loss to the Giants.

All of that said, the dots are nowhere near connected right now.

Especially in the case of Reid, who both internally and in a private setting has indicated he wants to coach through this season. This season, is the key.

At the same time don't be surprised if Reid steps back from coaching and works in the front office at some point. He likes the talent evaluation part of the job and gets along famously with Joe Banner.

The front office would be appealing for several reasons including but not limited to less responsibility in dealing with the media - and bloggers.


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