Thursday, November 15, 2007

JEVON KEARSE: $66 million role player

Rarely is Jevon Kearse in the locker room these days when the media is around, and for good reason. He's been humbled. The guy who was supposed to revolutionize the defensive end position now is a part-time player, and at great expense to the Eagles. Until further notice, Juqua Thomas, who still plays special teams, has in the words of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson earned the starting job at left end based on performance, incredibly enough. Rookie Victor Abiamiri in just a few appearances has shown enough run-stopping ability to get more snaps than Kearse, who barely got on the field last week. Unless someone gets hurt, Kearse can expect more of the same the rest of the season, which by all indications, will be his last in Philadelphia. The cap hit would be a modest $2.4 million.


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