Monday, July 21, 2008


Work two days and get the third one off.

But don't confuse it with make the playoffs one year and take two off which is what the Eagles have done the past three years.

At any rate Andy Reid calls his spanking new idea announced Monday his 30-plus club.
The plan is to keep fresh the over-30 generation of players - Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan, among others - during what's supposed to be a grueling training camp at Lehigh University.

"They’re going to work two days and then they’ll have the morning practice off on the third day," said Reid, whose afternoon camp practices are rarely demanding. "We’ll do that throughout camp. Now, you take into consideration that I have two quarterbacks that are 30 and a punter and a kicker that are 30, so the rule will be bent a little bit with those guys. But for the other crew there will be a little different schedule."

Reid said he hatched the idea on his own and that his players "didn’t argue.”

Hmm. Those slow starts plaguing the Eagles at the beginning of the season ... must be the too-tough training camps.

We'll see,


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