Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tim Tebow & Eagles ...

Yes, the Eagles made it pretty clear they wanted to move on from Donovan McNabb.
At the same time, they're not completely sure Kevin Kolb is their future. Can he stay healthy for a 16-game season in an offense that by nature of sending every potential receiver out in the passing game, subjects the quarterback to a beating?
So, why not Tim Tebow?
Tebow could fill a Wildcat role while he's learning the quarterback position. If he cannot play quarterback adequately you could always take a look at him at another position like tight end.
With needs at cornerback, defensive end and the offensive line the Eagles might be more prudent using a second-round pick on Tebow, rather than their first-rounder (24 overall) on Tebow.
Then again, Tebow might not make it into the second round.
In either case drafting the big, strong and unrefined Tebow would be a dramatic statement both in terms of personnel and marketing.
There is no more popular player in the draft right now than Tebow.


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