Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This just in: DJax says Kolb could return Friday

When DeSean Jackson wasn't laughing about the double and triple coverage he faced in the opener or discussing the final stage of the concussion testing he underwent before getting cleared to play last year, he let some news slip Wednesday afternoon.

When the Eagles take on the Lions this Sunday, Mike Vick might not start his first game at quarterback in four years after all.

"I heard Kevin might come back Friday but we don’t know," Jackson said of quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is trying to comeback from a concussion. "I mean, Wednesday and Thursday our practices are huge. In those two days we have a lot of down-the-field throws and things like that. Hopefully we can just know who’s going to be our quarterback so we can be able to get the full reps with that quarterback and go into the game prepared."

Kolb and linebacker Stewart Bradley, who also suffered a concussion Sunday, haven't formally passed the first stage of the testing. They have to be symptom free Thursday morning.

But don't rule them out just yet. Veteran safety Quintin Mikell said Brian Dawkins used to play "all the time" without practicing or attending meetings while rehabbing injuries during weeks leading up to games.


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