Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks to Vick, Mornhinweg is head coaching material - again

Andy Reid is coming off like a genius with his decision to start Mike Vick at quarterback.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg also has elevated his star quotient.

If Vick continues his improvement - and he gets better each week - don't be surprised if Mornhinweg gets another shot to be a head coach.

The NFL is all about quarterbacks, offense and scoring points. And with Vick lighting the skies with six TD passes and a 110.2 passer rating, the Eagles are on the good side of 2-`1.

Mornhinweg's first gig as head coach resulted in a 5-27 record in two seasons with the Detroit Lions. That's not the worst thing considering that current head coach Jim Schwartz is about to commiserate a start 2-19. Youno could easily make the argument that no one could win with the Lions.


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