Monday, November 15, 2010

McNabb sets the bar for Vick

Donovan McNabb is worth $41 million guaranteed.

Michael Vick? If he leads the Eagles to the Super Bowl the organization would have to put at least that on the table if they want to keep him around after this season.

McNabb's five-year, $78 million deal, according to sources, averages $15.6 million. The frachise tender at quarterback for 2010 was $16.4 million. That number seems likely to go up after Tom Brady inked a four-year, $72 million extension with $48.5 million guaranteed. Peyton Manning is another elite quarterback who stands to break the bank.

Vick told me if he "wins some more games" he would be in line for elite-level money.

The way he's playing football it's difficult to disagree.


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