Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lockout is no vacation for Eagles

The Eagles responded to the NFL decision they support that locks out the players, who are suing them for antitrust violations after their collective decision to decertify the union.

And again, it was on their terms in a letter to season ticket holders. The rest of Eagles Nation had to find it themselves.

Here it is

Basically the statement co-signed by owner Jeffrey Lurie and team president Joe Banner said what Banner had stated previously. The Eagles plan to be ready for the draft and to participate in the free agent player grab that will follow the legal wrangling and ultimately what will be the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Eagles figure there will be free agent bargains galore as a staggering group of more than 500 players and their agents trip over each other to sign on the dotted line before the money runs out.

Until then Lincoln Financial Field is available at The Lockout Discount for reunions, birthday parties, flea markets, rodeos, tractor pulls and if the lockout is as lengthy as some have predicted - 2 to 6 regular season games lost - the Eagles might even rent it out to the NHL for that outdoor hockey game they've already thumbed their noses at. The NHL


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