Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watkins: 'Firehouse just like the locker room'

It's obvious Danny Watkins won Eagles head coach Andy Reid over with his heart, not his birth certificate. Watkins, the former firefighter who turns 27 in his rookie season, didn't seem like such a surprise Eagles first round draft pick Thursday after explaining what makes a guy want to be a firefighter. "Honestly,the guys that you work with and just the desire to help people," Watkins said. "Today I had some of the Canadian firemen with me and some of the members of the FDNY. And it's the same thing on the football field. You're with the same guys day in and day out. You're brothers and you'd do anything for them. And it's the same in the firehouse. They're your brothers and you're working through the good and the bad."


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