Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clock is ticking on Kolb

We know Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb is going to get traded.

Finally there is another confirmation of the conversation Andy Reid had with Kolb after the 2010 season ended with the player backing up Michael Vick.

As reported here, Reid told Kolb thanks for taking the demotion like a pro and that the Eagles would try to accomodate him with a trade.

It also was pretty telling that Reid texted Kolb Friday during the window in which the NLF owners' lockout had been lifted (the lockout is back on). Vick and the many of the rest of the essential Eagles were in the Philly area to get back to work Monday.
According to theredzone.org:

Peter King of SI.com reports Kevin Kolb doesn't want to be in Philadelphia; he wants to have a chance to get a starting job somewhere else, and Reid has promised to try to make a deal if it benefits the Eagles. He already has an offer of a first-round pick in the 2012 draft from an unknown team.

The window for the 2011 league year opened and closed quickly last week; players like Kolb, who want to be traded, and free agents who want to hit the market have to wait for the league year to open before moving. That could happen this week if the Eighth Circuit forces the NFL to open doors and end the lockout.

Asked how he stands with Kolb right now, Reid said: "We stand with Kevin in an Eagles uniform. We love Kevin. He's one of the great team guys we've had here. We had an idea who was interested in him entering the draft, and now we'll have to go back and look at it when they tell us we can make moves.''


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