Thursday, August 18, 2011

UPDATED: Vick says decision to sign with Eagles was his and his alone (Goodell: phew!)

This still won't heal Bills and Bengals fans as Michael Vick wouldn't deny he would have liked to have played for either of those teams before the Eagles after getting out of prison.

But Vick sure stepped-up to put NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Eagles in a good light with a statement in response to an interview he did.
“I felt it was necessary to put out a statement today clarifying the article in GQ Magazine,” Vick said through the Eagles. “I did speak with many people but the decision to sign in Philadelphia was based on my discussions with my agent, my family and with Coach Reid. And after those discussions it became clear to me that this was the place I wanted to play and resume my NFL career. The Commissioner never told me to sign or not sign with particular teams."

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello issued a statement on his Twitter account saying Vick's decision "was entirely his own.
"Commissioner Goodell obviously met and spoke to Michael and his reps as part of his decision on whether to reinstate him and on what terms but the commissioner would never steer players to or away from particular teams and did not do so in this case.”


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