Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cole upset Eagles didn't back him up

Trent Cole plans to appeal the $7,500 he was fined for flipping Russell Okung on his back late in the Eagles' 31-14 loss last week to the Seattle Seahawks.

Cole privately is upset the Eagles and head coach Andy Reid didn't back him up after Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll skewered him following the game.

“He got thrown down after the whistle really blatantly,” Carroll said. “Stuff like that happens in the game sometimes but this was most unfortunate because he was damaged by it. So I’m sure the league will take a look at this one. It’s worthy of their efforts.”

Reid stood up for diva wide receiver DeSean Jackson following the game. The coach said he was disappointed with the NFL Network's portrayal of Jackson's effort, or lack thereof. 

Cole appeared to be getting blocked after the whistle when he retaliated based on the video.  Okung sustained a torn pectoral muscle ending his season.

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