Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Herremans extension opens cap room

Todd Herremans signed a three-year contract extension through 2016 that is cap friendly.

It compensates Herremans for moving from guard to right tackle, where he was due a $2.25 million escalator for switching positions.

The pact also enables the Eagles to spread out the guaranteed money and roster bonuses over five years.

Typically the Eagles don't do extensions for players such as Herremans with two years remaining on contracts. It surprised Herremans. And according to another report defensive end Trent Cole could be next in line for a restructuring.

"When they moved me to tackle, my escalator in my contract did bump up my pay a little bit," Herremans said. "But maybe this was just out of good faith. They’re happy with what I’ve been doing here and I’ve been working hard. I haven’t been complaining about my contract. While I was playing guard, I think I was playing at a high level and felt a little underpaid. You have to warrant it. And they showed a big sign of faith here by doing it two years early when they didn’t need to.”

This one worked for both sides. The deal is worth a reported $21 million, including $11 million in guarantees and roster bonuses.

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