Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Fletcher Cox slipped out of the top 10

Jim Washburn, the Eagles' defensive line coach, says first-round draft pick Fletcher Cox is exactly the type of guy he's been successful developing.

That and the defensive tackle's age - he's a 21-year-old junior - bounced him out of the top 10. But what's a couple of spots to Washburn, who sees a very high ceiling for this prospect?

"He's so athletic he can play as a defensive end," Washburn said. "He moves like a guy who is 260 pounds. The thing about him is he is so much stronger than he looks. He's a good one and I'm excited about him."

Hard to believe Cox fell out of the top 10, as he was earmarked to come off the board no later than the ninth pick. Either the Eagles got a bargain at No. 12, or their counterparts know something they don’t know.

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