Monday, September 17, 2012

#Eagles no huddle offense minimizes 'over-thinking' by Vick

Vick might be able to play a round of golf on Phoenix trip.
The play-calling still left something to be desired.

Too often the Eagles tried to be too cute, too clever for their own good in their game Sunday against the Ravens.

I've always thought the more aggressive the approach, the greater the frequency of turnovers. And the Eagles have 9 giveaways in two games.

But the simple no huddle approach the Eagles used liberally was brilliant.

It kept the players involved, limited the substitutions of the Ravens and above all, minimized the over-thinking that led to four Michael Vick interceptions in the season opener.

"The two-minute offense definitely gets you into a rhythm," Vick said. "It gives you the opportunity to see the field and just kind of negates what the defense can do at certain moments."

Except for the first interception, Vick's decision making was  considerably better than during his first game. And it could get better.

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