Monday, October 15, 2012

Reid, players back Avant's 'undisciplined' rant

Avant fuming after the Eagles blew it Sunday.
Getting Andy Reid to admit his team is undisciplined is almost as tough as getting someone to give up their  aisle seat.

But Big Red finally relented during his day-after news conference Monday. His team's discipline? He's all for it.

"We can get better in that area," Reid said. "We can get better in a lot of areas. That’s one of the areas we can get better at.”

It validated what veteran wide receiver Jason Avant  said after the 26-23 overtime loss to the Lions Sunday.

"It’s undisciplined football and an undisciplined team at this point," Avant said. "And six games in, it’s embarrassing ... It’s definitely embarrassing for coaches and for veteran players with the mindset of ‘me’ before the team in certain instances. And we need to address that before we play another ball game.”

Eagles rookie cornerback Brandon Boykin indicated the subject was atop the concerns at the team meeting preceding their vacation for the bye. 

Boykin said Reid told the players "Be disciplined. Be pros.

"There’s a lot of little petty things that we did in the game that cost us," Boykin said. "Just simple mistakes or penalties whether it’s a third down situation and we do something stupid and give them a first down. We’ve definitely got to detail our work better, be a lot more disciplined and be ready after this bye week."

The  players don't practice again until Monday.

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