Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Babin says Eagles leaked 'false stories' about Washburn

Eagles put Babin on cover of their program.
Former Eagles Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin, now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, let the Birds have it during a conference call with Tennessee Titans beat writers.

Babin was infuriated with the way the Eagles fired defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who previously worked for the Titans.

"They don’t have amicable splits with people," Babin said of the Eagles. "You saw how dirty they did Washburn with leaking out the false stories and the way they talked about him on the way out. It’s kind of a big socialistic system that they have. I didn’t really care. I’m only going to worry about what I can control, and that’s practicing hard, working hard and playing hard on Sunday."

Babin also accused the Eagles of undermining Washburn's authority with a defensive line consultant. Tommy Brasher was hired to replace Washburn.

"You find out the fact that they had a D-line consultant the whole time they had him," Babin said. "Well, if you don’t trust the guy… It’s kind of like one of those things where they say they trust you and they want you to do certain things a certain way but then behind the scenes they’re monitoring it and second-guessing it. It’s unfortunate because as you guys know, Washburn gives his heart and soul every practice and gets the most out of all of his players.

"But that’s life. I can’t really sit up here and whine and complain about my situation when people around the country and around the world for that matter are in a lot worse situations than myself."

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