Saturday, December 22, 2012

Michael Vick, Chip Kelly and Nick Foles

Michael Vick suspects he will be part of the housecleaning when the Eagles' season concludes in a couple of weeks.
Then again, the potential arrival of a guy like Chip Kelly could change that. The Oregon University coach is likely to be courted by the Eagles, the Panthers and others, should those jobs become available according to reports.

Trust me, Vick would love to be part of a Kelly fastbreak offense. Vick recently said he doesn't consider himself a backup. Breaking news, it wasn't. Anyone  else expect him to  say anything different?

At any rate Sunday is going to be a strange, strange day for Reid, Vick and Eagles fans. It's all but inevitable the  Eagles are moving on from Reid. There's considerable uncertainty and tension in the organization over what could come next.

For all practical purposes the Eagles-Redskins game today at the Linc is going to be Reid's last home date in charge of his team. The season ends the following week against the Giants at the Meadowlands.

"It’s going to be very awkward," Vick said. "Coach has been here 14 years. I think everything has an ending. Hopefully Coach can go out with a win."

Eagles rookie Nick Foles isn't a fit for the Kelly offense although Kelly's system gets the best out of any quarterback.

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