Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Eagles learned from coaching search

Talk not enough to get O'Brien, Kellys.
Unless we've all missed something the Eagles are poised to make Gus Bradley, the Seattle Seahawks' defensive coordinator, their new head coach.

There must be some type of agreement of principle in place as Bradley visits the Eagles in Philly for what the team is calling a second interview, but really is not.

So what have the Eagles discovered about themselves after an exhaustive interview process in which they were snubbed by the best coaches on their list? A process in which they vowed to turn over every stone but obviously haven't or Jon Gruden would have interviewed?

The Eagles really are as difficult to work with as we know they can be. And the Gold Standard, as we knew it, is no more.

To avoid turning this process, if you will, into a common practice it would be a good time to adopt a management model giving a coach like Bradley a fighting chance. That's going to require a thorough, honest outside evaluation, not a meeting in the company board room for lunch.

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