Sunday, January 13, 2013

Report: Eagles spent 8 hours with Billick

The Eagles interviewed Brian Billick for their head coaching vacancy according to this report citing a source.

The get-together lasted more than eight hours, or about the time it took the TV commentator to defend the 14-year coaching reign of Andy Reid, who was fired because he couldn't win and the Eagles got tired of him.

Billick once intimated the next Eagles head coach wouldn't be as good as Reid. If the Eagles hire Billick, he will be reminded of that each bad move he makes.

The offensive-minded Billick won a Super Bowl title with the Baltimore Ravens behind a suffocating defense many argue is the greatest of all time.

But Billick couldn't quite seem to find a quality quarterback during his tour with the Ravens. And that was supposed to be his strength.

The Twittersphere was full of innuendo that Billick merely had done what three college coaches had, which was to interview with the Eagles to leverage his bosses for a raise.

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