Monday, January 7, 2013

Whisenhunt could be part of Eagles decision

Going back to Oregon.
The Chip Kelly flirtation is over.

He's sticking around Orgeon.

But not forgotten.

Kelly would have shaken the Eagles up philosophically. They need a culture change. It’s going to be difficult for this team to win right away anticipating the dramatic changes ahead.

On the other hand Kelly clearly got cold feet. The guy obviously talked a good game in those interviews.

After coming up short on the top pick of their shortlist, the Eagles  are on to Plan B ... and possibly Plan C.

Colts assistant Bruce Arians is the most qualified coach on their list. He seemed like a great idea until his unfortunate illness landed him in the hospital on the eve of his biggest game. The Eagles have yet to interview Arians.
The Eagles did get together with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who likely will bring deposed Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt with him wherever that may be. McCoy has thePeyton Manning seal of approval.

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