Friday, January 4, 2013

Oregon system endangers QBs? Not as much as WCO

The Oregon Ducks dismantled Kansas State 35-17 in the Fiesta Bowl the old fashioned way.

They just wore them out.

By the fourth quarter the K-State defense was so fatigued it almost seemed like they wanted the game to be over. That's the beauty of Chip Kelly's system. Run a lot of plays fast, wear the opponent out, win the game.

If Kelly jumps to the NFL, he wouldn't run everything he does at the college level. Pro players are bigger and faster.

That said the criticism that Kelly's offense would give his quarterback a short NFL lifespan is unfounded.

To say that is to totally miss the protection schemes, the quick plays, the tempo and other elements that keep quarterback safe. You rarely get the big hit, much less a series of big hits because of the fast pace.

Compare the CKO (Chip Kelly Offense) to the Eagles under Andy Reid and the big hits quarterbacks took in the West Coast Offense were much more damaging. Michael Vick was unable to play a whole season. Nick Foles (6-6, 243) only last seven starts before fracturing his throwing hand.

The days of the quarterback ambling up to the line are over. In the CKO, he's got to hustle fast to be there for the next snap.

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