Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eagles short list

Coaching candidates get one of these.
  Just read a post the Eagles were looking for a head coach for the first time in 14 years.

Which is wrong. They were looking for a coach last year. That's right. There was enough of a chance Andy Reid would be fired before his 14th year that the Eagles, and Reid, both were looking around.

At any rate the guy the Eagles would most like to succeed Reid is Chip Kelly. You can see him in action Thursday night when Oregon opposes Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. The only real question is  whether Kelly wants the Eagles ... and their major market, great facilities and free hat and gift bag just for visiting, etc ...

Penn State coach Bill O’Brien might bee too pricey. He has a $9m buyout.
Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, who likely will interview this week, kick-started a stale offense and is adept at getting the most out of  quarterbacks as mobile as statues. He also has an Andy Reid tie, for better or worse.

Those are the top candidates. There are reports the Eagles are interested in Greg Roman (Ventnor, N.J.), offensive coordinator of the 49ers, Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator/interim head coach of the Colts,  Keith Armstrong (Levittown), special teams coach of the Falcons and Mike Nolan, defensive coordinator of the Falcons.

Armstrong, courted by the Chiefs and Bears, is the only minority candidate. Clubs must interview at least one minority to satisfy the Rooney rule.

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