Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eagles meeting Sunday with Broncos McCoy

B. Kelly's visor look rivals the other Kelly.
The guy coming out of the college ranks who might do the best job of any of his contemporaries in the NFL could be another Kelly. Not Oregon's Chip Kelly but Brian Kelly of Notre Dame.

Brian Kelly has done a stellar job at ND. He reminds me of Bill Parcells. He's a big picture guy as well as an excellent game day coach. There may be no better game day coach in football these days than B. Kelly. Click here for Kelly.

The Eagles are widely assumed to have an interview lined up with Chip Kelly, whose Ducks opposed Kansas State Thursday night in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Cleveland Browns, with CEO Joe Banner, formerly president of the Eagles are set to meet with Kelly Friday. The Buffalo Bills also are supposed to be seeking a  get-together with Kelly.

The Eagles have a Sunday interview in Denver scheduled with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. If the Eagles want to talk to Kelly, Saturday would be the day.

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