Friday, January 4, 2013

Joe Banner gets Chip Kelly

Unless something goes terribly wrong,  the Cleveland Browns landed the head coach who, with the proper management structure, could have turned the Eagles into a power.

Chip Kelly gets it. The Browns, too. According to an NFL Network report, they've got him. This is no time to lament the almost certain loss although I'm sure the Eagles will plant the story that Kelly wasn't their top choice. We all know that whoever they eventually hire to succeed Andy Reid will be "the best choice" for the Eagles, don't we?

In Kansas City, where Reid signed a five-year contract, the Chiefs have hope (Wait until he asks fans to trust him, then refuses to trust them).

And in Philly we have the company website assuring us that a thorough search surely will net the right coach.

There's only one Chip Kelly in the coaching mix. If the Eagles want to wait until Notre Dame beats Alabama (it's happening, yeah) in the BCS title game and hire Brian Kelly I will try not to lead the group doing handstands at the news conference. He's an incredible coach. Mr. Game Day.

If the Eagles sign Doug Marrone of Syracuse I'll think of Juan Castillo and what tireless work got him.

What are the chances Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy asks Peyton Manning why he didn't consider signing with the Eagles?

Which brings us to Bruce Arians, who, looking at the mix off young and old would be the perfect choice. You want to win, he'll win.

Shopping for a head coach obviously requires thought. But supply is limited. And the Eagles need a kick in the you know what every now and then to be reminded.
(Below, please get rid of this podium before the coaching hire.)



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