Sunday, July 21, 2013

McCoy doesn't care who Eagles QB is

Barkley is waiting for his chance.

Chip Kelly starts sorting out the starting quarterback situation when the Eagles begin training camp this week at the the NovaCare Complex.

Respectful of veteran Michael Vick and second-year quarterback Nick Foles, Eagles players have tried to stay out of who they believe the starter should be. Kelly says the guy who wins the competition gets the job. And he hasn't ruled rookie Matt Barkley out of the hunt.

Running back LeSean McCoy feels the inner pain of Vick, who is comfortable with the more conventional approach coaches use to manage the position. But McCoy also has a sense of humor.

"Whoever he picks, I’m fine with it," McCoy said of Kelly. "As long as I get my carries I don’t care who the quarterback is."

McCoy was only half-kidding. To get his carries one of the quarterbacks has to step up.

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