Monday, October 21, 2013

Did Foles choke? Kelly says 'Nah'

Chip Kelly made some interesting remarks about quarterback Nick Foles, who played terribly against the Cowboys (4-3) after producing an NFC offensive player of the week against in his previous outing against the still winless Buccaneers (0-6).
Nick Foles ... not overwhelmed.

Asked if Foles choked under pressure in the 17-3 loss to the Cowboys, Kelly replied "Nah, I don't think it had anything ... 

"That’s my feeling but I haven’t spoken to him about it,” Kelly said. “But I don’t think, Nick never struck me as a guy that the moment kind of catches him. Came off the bench against the Giants … and led us on a drive right at the end of 2 minutes to get a field goal in a critical situation. And when I saw him play in college, I don’t think any time in college I’ve ever seen Nick get overwhelmed by the moment or whatnot.”

The words “haven’t spoken to him about it” are thought-provoking even if Foles wasn’t able to carry on a basic conversation due to the head injury.

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