Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Romo, and no excuses

AT&T Stadium.
Allow me to get ahead of the actual conflict and say the Cowboys better not use the absence of Tony Romo as an excuse if they lose to the Eagles tonight.

Healthier Romo (
You play with who you have. And if we're to believe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Romo replacement Kyle Orton is the finest backup quarterback $10 million can buy.

Jones also said Orton was paid all of that money just for these types of situations. Trust me, the Dallas media is going to have a field day with those words if Orton struggles. And in all seriousness, how can he not struggle? The guy isn't that good to begin with. When Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Orton had won a lot of NFL games he conveniently didn't mention how Orton had lost almost as many games. That's what a backup caliber player does.
With Romo out, I owe Merrill Reese a sandwich.
Again, no excuses.

Don't even think about detracting from what the Eagles are on the verge of.

"They’re not tarnishing nothing," cornerback Cary Williams said. "We’re here to win a Super Bowl. We’re here to build on what we’ve built already. We’re on a mission and they’re in our way ... Period." 


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