Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cary Williams 'glad' Eagles lost to Vikings

Eagles cornerback Cary Willliams vowed he wouldn't change the emotional style that's made him the player he is today.

It's also obvious Williams isn't going to back down from the direct and brutally honest fashion in which he answers questions.

Williams conceded the 48-30 loss to the Vikings was a wake-up call for an Eagles team that was a solid favorite and had won five straight games. Heck, the Vikings competed without ace running back Adrian Peterson, who was hurt.

But Williams' teammates aren't going to back him publicly for saying the setback "definitely knocked us off our high horse.

"We thought we were good," Williams said. "We thought we were going to just go into Minnesota and win. That those guys were going to lay down. It definitely showed us. It was kind of bittersweet at the same time. I think it was sad that we lost. And it was sweet that we lost at the end of the day because it helped humble us."

Surrounded by reporters, Williams defended his remarks ... and then some.

"I'm glad we lost," he said. "It was what it was. We needed to get knocked off so that we could reevaluate what we’ve got going on in my perspective. And we need to get better.”

Much more on this in the print and online versions of The Daily Times.

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