Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saints hope new warm-ups can get them a road playoff victory ... right

Super Bowl winner has zero road playoff victories.
Saints head coach Sean Payton is 0-3 in road playoff games.

With frigid temperatures forecast for the Saturday night wild card game with the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field,  Payton will try something different.

“We’ve got new travel warm-up suits," Payton said. "They’re a little warmer. And they actually look a little nicer, too. So we ditched the old ones.”

All  kidding aside, compared to their perfect record inside the Superdome this season the Saints were a hideous 3-5 team on the road. And Payton, who was suspended the entire 2012 season for his role in Bountygate, has just one postseason victory in three tries since winning the Super Bowl.

Whatever adjustments Payton will make he's not willing to share them.

"I think after the sweat suits the Gatorade cover we’re changing on game day and we’re changing up the snack the night before," Payton said. "I think those are big changes in regards to dealing with the weather and the wind."

With another playoff road loss the joke is going to be on Payton.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming from a die hard neworleans saints fan I can say I respect Philly, we have always had very good games with y'all first memory of 2006 when Sheldon brown blew up Reggie bush but we went on to win the game by 3.of course me being a saints fan I want to say I think we win by 3 again unless y'all come out dominating our oline with that being said hope y'all the beat luck and hope that its a fair game by officials and I pray that there's no injuries on either side of the ball

January 1, 2014 at 7:03 PM 

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