Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coleman blazing trail for hearing impaired

To talk with Derrick Coleman, the bruising fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, is to share the hope he brings for the hearing impaired.

If there was true justice Coleman would hoist the Lombardi Trophy aloft after a Super Bowl XLVIII win over the Denver Broncos while an interpreter signed his remarks to the TV audience. And with that he would talk about Disney World.

For now it's merely a fantasy ending. But what's important is Coleman's crusade will go on.

The commercial he did with Duracell, which supplies the batteries for his hearing aids is gripping ... and then some.

“They told me it couldn’t be done — that I was a lost cause,” Coleman says in the commercial. “I’ve been deaf since I was 3. So I didn’t listen.”

It's safe to say Coleman now has nationwide attention.

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