Saturday, September 27, 2014

Three Washington players, one Eagle fined

The bench-clearing brawl last week pitting offensive tackle Jason Peters of the Eagles against Chris Baker, his defensive counterpart, wasn’t as costly as anticipated.
Peters was fined $10,000 for striking Baker in the head after the play was over. Baker was billed $8,268 for grabbing Peters by the facemask.
Peters delivered a thunderous head slap to Baker, who not only flattened Eagles quarterback Nick Foles with a vicious blindside shot but chest-bumped teammate Trent Williams to celebrate it.
Baker wasn’t disciplined for the hit on Foles as the league ruled it was  legal.
The NFL wasn’t so tolerant of some other hits by Washington players last Sunday.
Keenan Robinson of Washington was fined $22,050 for “unnecessarily striking an opponent with the crown of his helmet” when he delivered a chilling helmet-to-helmet shot on Darren Sproles in the first half.
Akeem Davis of Washington was billed $8,268 for “grabbing an opponent by the facemask.”
Davis was penalized for a horse-collar tackle on Sproles during a punt return with 11:08 left in third quarter.
Mildly surprising was that David Amerson of Washington wasn’t fined for a helmet-to-helmet hit that mildly concussed McCoy in the first quarter. McCoy had to exit the game. He returned but rushed for just 22 yards on 19 carries.

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