Monday, November 26, 2007


If A.J. Feeley said it once Sunday night, he said it 1,000 times.

“I take full responsibility for the whole deal,” he offered. “I take it on my back because those guys played their hearts out for me. I’ve got to do a better job of putting us in situations to win the game rather than lose it.”

And with that, there was accountability, finally, at the Eagles’ quarterback position this season.

Donovan McNabb apologists never will understand the concept. They will point to the games he used to win, the injuries he used to play through, the rehabs he’s had, the caliber of players he’s gone to battle with and the unsuitability of the offense as excuses for his championship-less ring finger.

When it comes to the mistakes McNabb has made, it’s almost always been “we,” not “me.” It’s been a thing where you just roll your eyes and accept the “we” to placate the man’s fragile ego.

It was only a few weeks ago McNabb had to blog extensively to communicate what he meant during his news conference, one in which he very loudly would not take all of the blame for the team’s struggles. That was all but unprecedented for an Eagles quarterback. That, sadly, could be his legacy.

We isn’t enough for teammates. We doesn’t work anymore. For an Eagles quarterback, we starts with me. Somewhere along the line, that never quite sank in.


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