Friday, November 30, 2007


To beat the Seahawks Sunday, the Eagles need extra effort from a handful of guys who just kind of leave you asking for more.

This isn't about the playoffs, just the Seahawks, and the now.

1. QB A.J. Feeley: Give us two or three touchdown passes and a maximum of one interception, not three and three.

2. DE Trent Cole: Edge rusher's disappearing act goes back almost a month, the last time he had a sack.

3. FS Brian Dawkins: He should have three or four interceptions by now. Heck, the old Dawk would have had two picks against the Patriots.

4. WLB Takeo Spikes: See Dawkins. Also, you're a step slow slow dude. Move it or lose your starting job.

5. CB Lito Sheppard: Sore knee or whatnot, there's no way one of the league's best players should have just one interception. NO WAY ...


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