Monday, December 10, 2007


Like you read here the other day, the Eagles are going to have a tough time winning just one game the rest of the way.

The worst thing about this horrific Eagles season is the coaches won’t pull
the plug on it for at least another week.

With a 5-8 record and three games left, the Eagles trail Minnesota (7-6),
Washington (6-7), Detroit (6-7) and Arizona (6-7) in the race for what almost
certainly will be the last remaining wild card berth.

The New York Giants (9-4) might not even have to win the rest of the way to
clinch the other spot.

Chicago (5-8) is a step ahead of the Eagles, having beaten them this season,
with Carolina (5-8) right there and New Orleans (5-7), playing tonight, just around the corner.

All the Eagles have to do to stay in the middle of the wild card madness is
beat the Cowboys (12-1) next weekend in Dallas. Right.

Instead of taking a look at more of the younger guys, rookies like defensive
end Victor Abiamiri, linebacker Stewart Bradley and dare we say quarterback
Kevin Kolb, the Eagles will waste their time and risk devaluing their drafting
position fighting to reach 8-8.


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