Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LB's will be miked for defensive signals

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson isn't a big fan of the helmet transmitters teams will use this season to call their defenses.

But Johnson is going to take his best shot at the league's knee-jerk reaction to the cheating scandal in which Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were fined a total of $750,000 for taping the defensive signals of the New York Jets.

Johnson will be on one end of the headset the NFL voted to use this season. Only one defensive player can be on the other end during a game.

Linebacker Omar Gaither or Stewart Bradley will wear the transmitter velcroed into their helmets, according to Johnson, basically because with the linemen rotating and the secondary in flux, they're the two most likely defenders to be on the field.

"They've got to make most of the calls and make the adjustments," Johnson said, "And you've always got to pick a guy that's not going to be in there all the time. Not that (Brian) Dawkins is not going to be in there all the time but he's never been a signal caller and I'm not going to make a guy a signal caller just because we've got a headset."


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