Friday, October 10, 2008

Huge fines for rookies Jackson, Demps ... Tank Daniels billed for facemask

The Eagles are going to have to get their rookies under control before it costs them the same type of damaging penalty a veteran picked up on special teams last Sunday.

Eagles rookies DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps have been notified by the NFL they will be fined $10,000 apiece for their celebration in the end zone this past weekend at Lincoln Financial Field, according to sources.

Jackson scored on a 68-yard punt return giving the Eagles a 14-0 lead over the Washington Redskins when Demps joined him in the end zone. They posed face-to-face with arms folded and heads bobbing.

To the NFL, the act wasn't among the "natural, spontaneous expressions of exuberance and celebratory acts" which typically are not penalized or fined by NFL authorities.
Looking at the replays, Jackson and Demps apparently violated the unsportsmanlike conduct rule when "two or more players engage in prolonged, excessive, premeditated or choreographed celebrations, particularly after scoring plays."

An Eagles spokesman wasn't aware of the disciplinary action that the league routinely confirms on Fridays.

Both rookies said they would appeal the fines.

"Yeah, that's crazy," Jackson said.

Demps thinks they did nothing excessive enough to warrant a fine.
"Definitely I'm appealing," Demps said. "I don't think it (warranted a fine)."

Eagles linebacker Torrance "Tank" Daniels also will be billed $5,000 by the NFL for tackling punt returner Antwaan Randle El by the facemask. Daniels also intends to appeal the fine.

Daniels was flagged 15 yards for his tackle, and it set up the decisive touchdown for the Redskins.
Jackson and Demps were fortunate the Eagles weren't penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after their demonstration.


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