Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sheppard should axe 'next-question' Rosenhaus

Lito Sheppard should have paid a lot more attention to Drew Rosenhaus' guerilla tactics to leverage the Eagles for a new contract or a trade of the cornerback.

Rosenhaus' most recent YouTube rant questioning why Sheppard wasn't starting and depicting Brown as basically just another guy was a slap in the face of Brown.

It created enough tension in the almost inseperable relationship that Sheppard conceded he had to discuss the matter with Brown to clear the air. They're "cool" according to Sheppard, who offered to give Brown "a hug to make up."

That Sheppard let it reach such a point is at issue, as he was the guy who hired Rosenhaus.

The feeling here is Sheppard wants to get a new pact with the Eagles or be dealt to another team, he might want to do two things: Play out the season peacefully and fire Rosenhaus, not necessarily in that order.


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