Thursday, August 7, 2008

PRESEASON ... what's it good for?

Here are two basic schools of thought on the preseason.
Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is interested in seeing how guys like veteran MLB Stewart Bradley, and rookies Quintin Demps (S) and Joe Mays (LB) play in the exhibition opener Friday night at Pittsburgh.
“I think you see a lot more in games,” Johnson said. “When you go against the offense all the time you see a lot of the same stuff so it’s not fair to the offense, especially with that first group. I really think you find out more in game situations.”
Quarterback Donovan McNabb, on the other hand, can do without it.
“Preseason is still preseason,” he said. “That’s why we turn up the tempo a little bit out here (in practice) to try and get in game mode because when you get into preseason, some of it is vanilla. I wouldn’t mind playing not that much. Let the other guys have an opportunity to play.”


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