Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Green Bay Packers have asked the Eagles if they would be interested in securing the services of quarterback Brett Favre according to

Then again, the original late Wednesday report stated it was the Eagles that had sent out a "feeler" to the Packers with respect to Favre before making the correction.

Though the Eagles couldn't immediately be reached for comment (they have better things to do after a long day of training camp) the dots don't really connect.

Unless, that is, Andy Reid, who coached Favre, is in the kind of panic mode where he thinks in order to save his job he has to make the playoffs and No. 4 is the only guy he thinks can get the job done. I would agree the playoffs are the only way Reid sticks around until his contract expires after 2010 but I'm not so sure the Eagles now have enough firepower to reach the postseason even with Favre.

Maybe the Pack did call. Maybe they were thinking about about putting together an exotic multi-team deal where the Iggs would get a franchise wide receiver.

But Favre for Donovan McNabb straight up? Might as well keep McNabb, who would positively freak out if such a deal ever happened.

Kevin Kolb is the Eagles' future. As tough as it will be replacing McNabb, who has taken the Eagles to the Super Bowl, it would probably be even more difficult having the kid follow the legend.


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