Saturday, July 26, 2008


Andy Reid

It should be entertaining to see who's on board with the latest Eagles spin, explained Saturday by Joe Banner. In short, the Eagles are this years New York Giants - unhappy players, underwhelming draft and low expectations.

I'll spot you the minimal expectations even if Donovan McNabb thinks a lot of people are picking the Eagles to win the NFC championship this year. I'll even give you a lame-duck coach in Andy Reid, just as Tom Coughlin appeared to be entering 2007, and a quarterback in McNabb thought of very much like Eli Manning; i.e. what has he won lately? But I won't give you the playoffs just yet, much less the Super Bowl because almost everyone knows the Eagles still don't have enough offensive punch.

And, of course, there's McNabb. He's still an above average quarterback. He's just not the guy physically or emotionally that led the Eagles to the Super Bowl.
Eli Manning played al of last season including the playoffs despite hurting his throwing arm in the opener. McNabb hasn't been able to play a complete season since the Super Bowl year. The only real question now is how much more pain he can take. He hits 32 years old in November and already has a suspect throwing shoulder.


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